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Happy Holidays everyone.  It has been a very rough period for me, but I'm coming back around.   I have missed everyone and hope to have a new story posted before the end of the year.  Thank you for all the support and love.

I'm back after a bit of an absence. I have posted a new story; The Hidden Truth. It's a Dolcett-style story. If you are open to it, I'd appreciate a comment.
Additionally, I have two vore stories under development; The Interview and The Cave. Hope to share those in the coming weeks.  If The Cave works out, I hope to make a comic version of it as well.

Happy April 2015

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Jeremy and Julie had been friends since they were little kids. As they two grew close, they had experimented with dating each other, but found that friendship was the best they could reasonably achieve. While Julie was content despite the many doomed relationships, it was Jeremy who suffered a wondering eye and would never commit to a single girl. Since this discovery, they decided that being friends answered the needs of both. Julie felt very comfortable around her old friend, having done things with him that she had never told girlfriends.

On one warm June night, Jeremy had come by Julie's apartment to tell her of a secluded place to explore.

“Julie! C'mon, it’ll be fun. We can walk around inside this big warehouse all by ourselves. It’s closed off, so no one will see us. Heck, maybe we could have a party there. We could invite a ton of our friends, crank up the music and have a blast without anyone telling us to stop.” pleaded Jeremy

“What!? No way! I'm not going follow you to jail. You're talking about breaking and entering. That’s a felony, you idiot.” chastised Julie.

“Geez, Julie. You always have to be such a good girl, never willing to do anything thrilling and exciting. Besides, it’s abandoned. No one is there, besides it’s far from the main road. No one can see us. It’s safe. C’mon, say yes… I know you want to” reassured Jeremy.

“Fine!, I'll go, but only outside. I won't go inside. If you want to when we get there, great, but I'm staying outside. I refuse to risk going to jail” relented Julie.

“Whatever, just glad you’re coming with me” said Jeremy feigning exasperation. “Besides”, he thought, “you'll follow me inside once you are there”, thinking he knew his friend better than expected.

A short time later they are walking down the long, deserted road approaching a large building surrounded by a high fence, showing obvious signs of neglect.
“There it is”, points Jeremy. “See there is electricity too, so partying should be good” pointing to the dim light in the distance.

“Are you sure it’s abandoned?” asked Julie, as they got closer. The field provids a great deal of cover to keep them hidden.  

“Yea, I'm positive”, stated Jeremy reassuringly. “Nothing has been here for years.”

Jeremy continues, “I think it was an old slaughter house long since closed down”, showing his excitement.

“Told you it would be safe, c'mon lets walk around the fence to see if there is a way in”, Jeremy leading the two around the fenced area.

“Jeremy, I fucking told you I'm not going inside” visibly irritated that Jeremy keeps bringing that up.

Jeremy finally spots an opening in the chain-link fence and pushes his way through.

Calling to Julie, “C'mon follow me. I'm just gonna look around the building to see if there is any way to get inside”

“No way, I'm staying outside the fence.  You can break the law, but I'm not“, chided Julie.

“Fine, whatever! Be that way” as Jeremy storms off toward the building.

After trying a few doors, finding them locked tight, he found a vent shaft he could fit in, and poked his head inside.  Seeing light, he figured this would be a good way to get inside.

Pulling his head out of the vent, he calls over to Julie. “Hey, I think I found a way inside. Keep an eye on me, ok?” he pleads.

“Sure, I'll watch as you get arrested”, she laughs.

Soon, Julie watches Jeremy disappear into the shaft. After pushing a filter screen out of the way, Jeremy finds himself inside a small room with an unlocked door leading into the facility. Jeremy gets a wild idea how to coax Julie inside.

He leans back inside the vent shaft and starts calling out to Julie.
“Julie! Help me, I'm stuck.  Julie! Help me”, he pleads putting on his best face for her assistance.
Julie pauses, deciding if she should put herself at risk, finally capitulating to his request for assistance. Soon Julie is at the shaft calling into it.
“I’m here Jeremy, what can I do to help?” nervously asks Jeremy, concerned about her friend and the potential of both getting into severe trouble when caught.

“Just grab my leg and pull”, he says, prepping for the tug. “I'm gonna try to pull myself free as you pull. Ready?” he says feeling Julie grab his leg firmly with both hands.  
“Don't let go, ok? No matter what” finishes as he strains with all his weight. Using all the strength he can muster to pull his legs up into a fetal position, causing Julie to be slowly pulled up the air shaft.

“Jeremy, I'm being pulled inside”, yells Julie as her feet leave the ground.

Gritting his teeth, “I know. Just a little further and I'll be free” grunting.

With a final pull, Jeremy tumbles into the room, with Julie nearly following him inside.

“Jeremy, you asshole! You tricked me”, she screams. Livid that she was tricked inside.

“Sorry, but you would not have come in otherwise.” Handwaving the misuse of the emergency used to draw Julie inside.

After Jeremy replaced the screen, they both moved to the door and opened it up. A short hallway with a couple doors along each wall as the hallway bends to the left.  Jeremy ventures into the hall and notices the close ends at the exterior wall, so walks to the corner, peering around to see a set of double doors.  Cautiously, he tries the doors and finds one locked and unmoving, and the other turns but doesn't open.  At the top, finds a latch that secures the door. Pulling the latch, the door opens freely.  He motions for Julie to join him and they go through the double doors, pulling them closed, but not latched.

In the main room, it is very evident that this is a slaughter house. The conveyor for bringing in live cattle stands unused high the air, and the pulley system set with dozens hooks on cable to guide the cows through the middle of the room, while robotic arms quickly dissect the animal, with chutes spaced along the track. Each chute leading to a specific set of stations for processing and packaging that portion of the cow. It looks like a very efficient operation where the meat is quickly broken down and collected on fast moving conveyor belts running at both sides and disappearing through a chute at the far end of the room.

Julie shivers as the enormity of the realization of the whole process is fully realized. The sheer number of cows who died here, screaming in fear and agony as they were quickly dispatched, on the way to the supermarket or butcher shops across the county.  

Jeremy seeing Julie's reaction to this sight, urges her on through the next set of doors looking for a better party room.

Inside this room, are nearly a dozen rolling racks were the packaged meat is sorted, weighed and placed in the proper bins by what appears to be a fully automated station. From here, three doors are evident. Jeremy picks the door to the left and opens it. Beyond is another corridor with a handful of closed doors on either side. At the end is a stairway leading to an upper and a lower floor.
Trying each of the doors, Jeremy opens one of the doors to find a series of pipes behind a large glass paneled oven door. An automatic mechanism is inside that seems to circulate inside the chamber. Jeremy guesses that this is used to precook some of the beef for other markets. Looking at the gauges, it’s evident that gas is still available. Figuring he'll come back later to determine how to work the valves and start the cooker, he moves on to the next room.

The next room is a large locker room with obvious places to change and hang up clothes, also has a couple showers in the back.  They move to the next room.

Jeremy opens this door, and seems to be a small closet. It has another door a few feet inside with a rack high on the opposing wall holding a couple dozen long metal pipes.

Approaching the other door, he opens it to find a darkened room, seemingly large. Feeling around for a light switch, Jeremy finds one near the door and flips it on. As the light comes on, both Julie and Jeremy see a tarp covered object in the middle of the room with an electric cord snaking out from under to the nearby wall socket. A tall cabinet is mounted on the wall to the left, and a couple poles rest in the corner of the room.

Julie walks over and lifts a small corner of the tarp to reveal a portion of a metal tray.  Deciding its safe, she and Jeremy pull the tarp completely off the object and try to determine what it is. As Jeremy folds the tarp and lays it in the corner of the room, Julie walks around the object. She notes the straps and tray in the middle. She also notices the stand at the back of the unit, and a control box connected to a thick cable that leads into the front of the object.

“Strange”, remarked Jeremy, “Wonder why it has straps?” as he pointed to the straps located strategically on the platform.

“Hey”, he says, “It looks like someone would lay on it. Head goes there, and knees, look like they would go here and here”, as he pointed.

“Let me try”, said Julie as her voice cracks in fear and excitement. Gingerly, she tried lying on the machine as they thought she should.
First, placing her knees in place, then gently lowering, bending at her hips. She places her neck in the shallow trough. From this unique view, she could feel how vulnerable the machine makes her. Her breasts hang down, supported only by her own clothing. She became acutely aware of how this must appear to Jeremy. Suddenly, Julie jumped as she felt something rub against her crotch, causing her to sit up immediately.

As she sat up, Julie watched as a spinning, black wheel retracts back into the unit just below her crotch. By placing her weight across the machine, the wheel extends from its home and begins to rub against her.

“Oohhh!, that feels really nice”, she cooed.

“Hey, look at this”, as Jeremy holds up a pair of clear rubber cups.
“These look like they attach to your tits”, he laughed.

Julie blushes crimson red, as she realizes this is a sex machine.

“Um, Jeremy. Uh, I think you are right.” Feeling the warmth spread over her body as she imagines herself laying across the machine naked. She absently begins rubbing her thighs together.

Jeremy notices Julie's anxiety and inquires if she wants to try it out.

“What? No, I couldn't”, trying to hide her obvious desire to ride the machine naked.

“C'mon Julie, I know you want to. I can smell it”, he jokes.

Shocked look on her face, “You can? Oh lord”, sitting up again.

“Besides, it’s not like I haven't seen you naked before”, his eyes dancing over her form reminiscing the many times she been nude for him.

“I suppose it would be fun. Okay, I'll do it”. She climbs off the machine moving to the corner, slipping off her shoes.

“Do you want me to strap you on?” grinning wide as he watches her undress.

All Julie can do was nod slowly as she peeled her clothing off piece by piece. With each article she neatly fold and laying it in a pile neatly on the floor. Soon, she is nude, her nipples erect and a warmth radiating over her entire body.

Tacitly she approaches the machine and places each knee in the proper position. Then slowly lowers herself on to the machine, placing her neck on the block. The wheel extends and begins to spin as it closes in on Julie's vagina. It lines up perfectly with her clit, stimulating it upon contact creating a wave of electricity that washes over her.

Jeremy tightens the straps around each knee, then over her neck. A bar to the side catches his eye, and he lays it over her back, locking it in place. Moans begin escaping her lips as the wheel works her clit. Lastly, Jeremy picks up the cups, and straps them across her chest. When he does so, a leather strap falls loose.  

“Julie”, he asks, “This looks like it binds your wrists. Do you want me to bind them too?”

Julie tries to say yes, as the wheel continues to work its magic, driving her desire stronger.

Jeremy gently pulls her arms behind her and wraps the strap around, then takes her other wrist, and finishes binding them together.

Julie struggles playfully against her bonds, as the wheel continues to rub her clit. She is moaning audibly, relishing the feeling of the wheel pushing against her, but realizing the wheel isn't going far enough now.

Just then the door burst open, as a flashlight shines on the two. Julie is startled and scared, especially being caught nude in this position. Jeremy falls to the floor, recovers by crawling quickly to Julie's side.

“Hey, what are you two doing in here? And what the hell are you doing with that?”, sternly asks the gruff security guard.

“We were just playing sir, we will go”, as Jeremy begins to unstrap Julie.

“Hold on there, son, Don't you go unhooking her just yet”, he exclaims.

The watchman walks over giving Julie's wet pussy a feel, he can tell she is enjoying this quite a bit.

“Son, do you know what this machine is?” looking at the boy while holding the large flashlight ready to hit him.

Jeremy slowly shakes his head, “No sir. I just figure it was a sex toy.”

“Well son, I'm caretaker of this place, and that there is a Jessica 3000. It’s a little known piece of equipment used to spit a healthy young woman like your friend here”, leering at Julie.

“To do her right, we need to prep the girl proper like”, as he picks up her pile of clothes.

“Give me a hand boy”, as he wanders out of the room.

Escorting Jeremy down the hall to the side room with the pipes. He directs Jeremy in how to turn on the cookers. Slowly the gas hisses its way through the pipes and ignites. Jeremy is mesmerized by the flames and how quickly it heats up.
The watchman cavalierly tosses Julie's clothing into the fire pit and watches as they burn.

“Are you seriously gonna cook her”, Jeremy asks.

“Of course, boy, why wouldn't I?”

“Um, I don't think that’s a good idea”, stammers Jeremy

“Did you see how she was enjoying the machine? She will hate you if you don't process and cook her.”

Soon, Jeremy and the watchman return to the room where Julie is trapped, watching as Julie enjoys herself on the Jessica 3000.

“Girl, I have a treat for you”. he states, “You can behave and ride the Jessica 3000, or you'll miss the best experience of your life.”

“If it’s all the same to you, I'd like to get off and get dressed” snarled Julie.

“Well, getting dressed is out of the question. And getting off is up to you”, laughing as her face contorts. He finishes, “Your clothes have been burned”. Earl laughs and Jeremy follows suit, laughing as well. Julie is unsure but doesn't think Jeremy would put her in a bad situation.

“What do you want me to do?”, asks Julie, very scared at this point.

“I'm going to unstrap you and we will walk you to the shower room and get you cleaned up”, as he leans down clicking a switch on the control box. Immediately the wheel retracts and he begins unstrapping her with Jeremy's help.

Julie pleads with Jeremy to help her escape, but he refuses parroting back the words Earl had used on him only minutes earlier.

Julie is unsure what to think of Jeremy's actions but hopes she is still safe, that her friend would never let harm come to her.

Earl leads her to the locker room, he pauses to pull out a bottle of hair remover and a safety razor. They resume the walk to the back, and Earl starts the shower. He quickly instructs Julie on the best way to clean herself up and pushes her inside. He reminds her that the cleaner she shaves the better it will feel on the machine.

Earl chats idly with Jeremy as she shaves and cleans herself. Overhearing some of the words, she feels that Jeremy isn't going to let anything happen to her and begins to relax. She's still deeply aroused from the wheel working her hard. Now her mind is playing tricks with her, and being caught nude like this, in this mood, oh god. She can't help but rub her freshly shaven pussy. The smoothness feels very nice, and she takes a few extra minutes to remove the last bits of stubble.

Excitedly, she exits the shower stall after turning off the water and walks toward Jeremy.

“What do you think?”, she asks as she slowly twirls, drinking in the obvious arousal of her friend.

The three walk casually back to the Jessica, and Julie eagerly mounts the machine again.

Once more she is strapped down, though a little tighter this time around.

Julie is getting highly aroused knowing just how exposed she is laying bound on the machine like she is.

Jeremy once again binds her wrists behind her back. Jeremy is surprised at how she is reacting to everything. He was certain Julie wouldn't want this, but after Earl's explanation and the way Julie is willingly allowing herself to be processed, Jeremy is convinced he's doing the right thing.

Earl picks up the control box and switches settings and pushes a button. As soon as he does, the wheel extends and rubs over Julie's engorged clit. The reaction is immediate as the wheel quickly brings Julie to a heightened state of arousal.  Her moans of ecstasy become louder.

Earl instructs Jeremy to put the cups on her breasts, strapping them on her. The cups start to pulse as the vacuum is created; simulated sucking that further drives Julie arousal.

Julie is again struggling against her bonds moaning loudly as the wheel and cups do their magic on her body. All Julie can think of is how aroused she feels. Orgasm builds strong within her as she begins to shake hard. Her entire body is overwhelmed by an intense orgasm.

She doesn't notice as Earl causes the wheel to retract. Her body sweating as the machine had its way with her.

Earl walked to the cabinet and scooped a handful of Crisco from a can and rubbed it over her pussy. Julie purred with delight as the coolness and roughness of the application.

“Boy, get in there and loosen that girl up”, demanded Earl

With his urging, Jeremy took his turn with Julie mounting her from behind.

Jeremy fucked her hard, sweat dripping off his body onto Julie. Julie was lost deep in the feeling of being used for sex, and she loved it. It no longer mattered to Julie that Earl was watching. She had no more inhibitions to keep from either of them, and soon was urging Jeremy to fuck her harder and faster. Jeremy continued, including squeezing her breasts tightly.

Jeremy managed to come hard, the flow of hot semen pushing its way deep inside her. She knew this would get her pregnant, and no longer cared. She envied the feeling, not wanting it to stop.  Soon, both were panting hard from the exertion.

Both exhausted, Jeremy pulled out, collapsing on the floor next to Julie. He was spent, gasping for breath in the best session he had ever had for sex.

“Are you ready for more?”, asked Earl Thinking he was going to fuck her now, she agreed.

He loaded the spit onto the track and pushed a button on the control box.

The tip ratchetted up to her constricting pussy and slowly pushed its way easily inside a couple inches.

“Hey!” She said, feeling her pussy stretch around the large spit. “This isn't what I meant.  Please unstrap me right now. This isn't funny.”

“No missy, it;s not a joke”, laughed Earl. “I'm looking forward to a little girl meat tonight.”

Then he pushed the button, causing the machine to spring to life and drive deep within her.

Jeremy rolled over and steadied himself to stand as the spit pushed effortlessly into his friend.

Julie struggled hard, but the restraints held her in place. She let out a gasp, then a scream as the spit punctured her uterus and made its way into her belly. Pain started to take its toll, but she could no longer scream out as the spit had entered her diaphragm.

Jeremy watched as Julie seemed to struggle then settle down slowly. Tears began to form as he realized he had been duped by Earl, and there was no way Julie would've wanted this to happen. Quickly he moved to the machine to try and extract the spit.

Earl shoved him to the ground, explaining it was too late. Even if Jeremy managed to overpower him, the damage was too severe; Julie would be dead in minutes. Jeremy crawled to Julie's face, listening to her final words as her eyes grew big. He could see the spit pushing its way over her tongue.  Julie's mouth instinctively opening as the spit exited from her mouth.

Earl completed the process by filling Julie's breasts from the cups. Then he flipped a switch on the side of the control box and a small blade popped up and glided cleanly from her breast bone to public bone.  A sickening swoosh was heard as her internal organs dropped, sliding part way down the chute.  Earl reached under with a knife and cut the visceral and ligaments holding the last of her organs and intestines. Finally, they completed the journey down the chute into a waste receptacle at the bottom of the machine.

“Since we didn't have time to prepare some stuffing, I'm just gonna sew her up. Then we can get her on to cook”, as Earl takes a heavy duty needle and white twine and stitches up Julie's open wound in a herring bone pattern. Earl finishes his work by securely tying her ankles to the spit.

“There we go”, admiring his handiwork. “Well, don't just stand there. Help me carry her to the fire pit.”

Jeremy and Earl carry Julie to the fire pit, and place her on the rotisserie and she begins to cook.  Earl bastes oil over her flesh, as the flames begin to lick at her naked flesh.

Jeremy watches as Julie tries to mouth some words while pushing and pulling herself along the spit. “Look at that”, he says to Earl.

Yep, she is enjoying her final ride.

Jeremy watches for several minutes as Julie's movements slow and finally stop completely.

Jeremy can't believe what he has done this day, but a taste of Julie's succulent flesh reminds him he did the right thing.
I'm working on a couple of new vore stories. Look forward to sharing these once complete. I really hope you enjoy them.



United States
Not sure how much to divulge about myself. Work with computers all day and have some rather deviant interests that it seems others enjoy as well. Perhaps I will share more on these later.

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